Two-year-old child brutally attacked by dog in South Pattaya, has over 200 stitches

Pattaya, Thailand-

A two-year-old child out for a walk with his nanny and older brother was brutally attacked by a large, unleashed, and unsecured house dog in South Pattaya earlier this week.

The footage of the attack, taken on CCTV, went viral on social media and has caused Pattaya residents to ask for action around the incident.

The incident took place in a village in South Pattaya on Monday, June 20th, 2022, at 4:00 P.M. The incident came to the attention of the press the day after, yesterday, June 21st, after CCTV of the vicious attack was shared on social media and local Pattaya News reporters spoke with parties involved.

According to two witnesses seen in the photos above, only identified as Father Somkiat, 67, and Jet, 39, the incident was sparked when the nanny of the two foreign boys, 4 and 2, walked the boys past an open gate of a village home. CCTV show the older four-year-old boy pausing, reportedly as a large black dog began barking at the nanny and the two boys from inside the premises of the home. The gate to the home had reportedly been left open by accident after the trash had been taken out.

Shortly after, the dog appears to charge at the boys based on CCTV footage and the nanny and focused on the youngest boy. It took nearly four minutes for the nanny, a maid, and several witnesses who stopped to help, including Father Somkiat and Jet, to detach the dog from his vicious and unsolicited attack on the boy.

The boy, whose identity is being withheld for his privacy, suffered a broken jaw, head wounds, and a severe cheek wound. According to doctors at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital the boy required 200 stitches and treatment in the ICU but is now considered stable and expected to recover.

After the video went viral on social media many Pattaya residents have been asking what will happen to the reported owners of the dog and the dog itself. Reporters who visited the home where the dog emerged to attack the child found nobody home yesterday afternoon and no sign of a dog.

The parents of the injured child, whose names have also been withheld, filed a report at the Pattaya Police Station and are reportedly pressing charges against the owner of the dog for not properly leashing and securing their pet.

Pattaya Police told local media they are looking into the incident. The incident has also drawn furious discussion on Thai social media about loose dogs in general in Pattaya, both house dogs and stray dogs, with many diverse and varied opinions on how to resolve issues.

Adam Judd
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