Reader Talkback Thailand Results: YOU are Pattaya Mayor. What is the first problem you tackle? How do you tackle it?

The following is our exclusive weekly feature in which we ask our readers a news topical question and then give you a week to answer it on our various channels, compiling a diverse range of answers and opinions to present to you, our valued readers. Here are the results from our last question…

Last week, we asked you the following:

YOU are Pattaya Mayor. What is the first problem you tackle? How do you tackle it?

Some context around this question:

Yes, Yes, we know, foreigners can’t be Pattaya Mayor, and most of our audience (at least on our English website, we also have a massive Thai version of our news HERE) are foreign.  However, for the sake of the question, today we pretend and imagine what we would do if we were Pattaya Mayor. Specifically, we are interested in the FIRST problem you would tackle would be, how you would tackle it, and why. We did a version of this question before asking what the new mayor should accomplish, but this one assumes YOU were the mayor. Keep in mind, that the new mayor is not yet official either.

Here is what you, our readers, had to say as our editors selected some of the most diverse responses to highlight different points of view. Obviously, we can’t post everyone’s opinion here so selected a variety of the most diverse opinions. As always, the opinions and statements below are the reader’s own and may not reflect those of TPN media. There have been minor edits for spelling and grammar only:

Don A-This is the perfect time to make all restaurants… “Non Smoking”!


Pascal S-1). finish the road construction works in 1 month, or close the holes and restart the work when all necessary equipment is on-site.
2). abolish the intersection traffic lights and replace them with “REAL” roundabouts, not like the one in north Pattaya.


John C-Second road has been under repair for years, this must be the most expensive road in Thailand or some fat cats rice bowl.


Stuben-I would move all these often extremely noisy open-air “entertainment” venues to a place where nobody would be disturbed. People can’t use their condos anymore and hotels can’t find customers for their noisy rooms. Especially the relatively new Tree Town causes many problems in terms of extreme noise and also in terms of traffic. But Tree Town is just one example. Pattaya needs zoning. Open-air sex bars everywhere, even downtown, are often disgusting for “normal” tourists. And the Beach Road at night… Also no toilets, showers or changing rooms on the beach. I have an endless list of things that need improvement…


Mr. Trib- I would immediately remove all entertainment licenses and close all bars and nightlife again, it is not family-friendly. Hostesses would be banned. I would also start a major crackdown against prostitution, including arresting customers and embarrassing them in the media, which would really solve the problem of sex tourism by scaring them off. Closing hours for proper restaurants would be 9:00 P.M, alcohol cutoff 8. Start a fine-arts program and bring ballet, opera, classical performances, theater, and cultural shows to replace nightlife. Continue the good progress on sports and sporting events, and fill the city with cultural and sports events every weekend. Ban the nightlife entirely.


John M-There is many things to be done. But I would clean up the nightlife
of Pattaya and move it to a special zone. For instance, at Bali Hai
there is a huge empty area and it would be an extension of the Walking
Street. It is often very annoying for people that have nothing to do
with the nightlife – too much noise and red light district atmosphere.
Just creates a very bad reputation for Pattaya. For instance, Tree Town
would have been better at Bali Hai and not in the middle of the city.


Fred-All the construction has to be finished very fast by working day and night shifts


Martin T-Finish road/footpath works with financial penalties for late completion


Bennie S-The atrocious, filthy beach pavements and promenades. I think I’m going to start a YouTube channel about it. 🙄 Jomtien Beach is the worst.


Peter S-

1) Roadworks Pratumnak 2nd road to Pattaya Tai really bad – finish ASAP
2) Roadworks Walking St – 2 years too late – finish quickly

Kevin A-

1. Identify all problems
2. Point at all problems while having my photo taken.
3. Enjoy peace and prosperity.
4. Win the next elections.


Try starting and finishing 1 project before you start another.
Been going on for years its just to draw down the first payment then the money runs out and the hole stays there until the 6-year court case is finished.
Herve B-Helping and caring for the destitute…
Lee B-Construction Corruption.

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