Pattaya Ruamjai political team urges Election Commission to halt certifying new Pattaya mayor due to alleged misconducts

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Pattaya —

The Pattaya Ruamjai political team, led by second place Pattaya mayor candidate Sinchai Wattanasartsathorn, filed a complaint to halt the certification of the new Pattaya mayor, claiming that he had discovered three misconducts.

Sinchai Wattanasartsathorn, who is the Pattaya Ruamjai mayor candidate, traveled to the Election Commission Office today, June 13, to follow up on his previous complaint to halt the certification of the new Pattaya mayor as he claimed that the election was dishonest. He proposed to put it on hold until his complaint was resolved.
Sinchai told the Associated Press that he filed a complaint with evidence on June 7th although he did not specify who he accused of the misconducts. His complaint included three misconducts: 1. Vote buying. 2. The winning candidate held a banquet and distributed flyers to promote himself. 3. Some polling station staff were used to partake in the winning candidate’s rally.
“I was told that the Election Commission is going to announce the official result of the election today or tomorrow (June 14th) even though I have already filed a complaint against it,” Sinchai said
“Under Section 17, I believe that the announcement is supposed to be put on hold for 60 days until the complaint is resolved. There are definitely no detriments to the city’s administration in the meantime because the permanent secretary is in charge of it,” Sinchai added.
Sinchai expressed his concern that his complaint would be overlooked because the winning candidate might interfere with his evidence if he was endorsed as Pattaya’s new mayor.

According to the unofficial reports, Poramase “Beer” Ngampiches, the No.1 candidate from the Rao Rak Pattaya team is in the lead (click).

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