Thai Government’s extraordinary committee considers “Mae Sot” for establishing first legal casino

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  The Thai government’s extraordinary committee for an entertainment complex/casino opening is considering the “Mae Sot” district of Tak province as suitable for establishing the first legal casino in Thailand.

Thepthai Senpong, Democrats MP and one of the committee members, revealed after a visit to Mae Sot district today, June 12th, that according to reports from the Tak provincial governor, heads of local government departments, President of the Chamber of Commerce, and the Tak tourism business association, it was found that Mae Sot District was an economic district supported by the government and was ready to be developed to attract potential tourists in many aspects.

However, there are many problems that need to be solved if establishing an entertainment complex as follows:

1. Land problems: Most of the land belongs to ​​the Treasury Department and the state, so investors cannot purchase the land. The lands are not sufficient to build the complex as it requires at least ​​3000 to 5000 rai. The rental price is also expensive.

2. Labor problems: Migrant workers from neighboring countries are coming to work in Thailand. There is no problem of labor shortages but the government has to establish a center for foreign workers’ development and prepare qualified workers before approving them to enter the workforce in Thailand.

3. Public opinion regarding the establishment of a comprehensive entertainment venue and casino in Tak could be divisive and mixed.

4. Tax problem: There is a proposal for state taxation that the proportion must be distributed to the local government at a fair rate because it owned most areas of ​​the investment, so the Mae Sot authorities must be provided with more tax privileges than other areas.

The Extraordinary Committee will collect and conclude all information mentioned in the reports before further proposals to the House of Representatives and the government at an upcoming meeting.


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