Entertainment places come to life on the first day of legal reopening in Pattaya

Pattaya —

Many entertainment places came to life on the first day of the legal reopening in Pattaya on Wednesday, June 1st, as tourists returned.

Entertainment places started to see a hustle and bustle as a noticeable increase of tourists were seen walking and sitting at the place fronts despite certain rules that are still in effect, said Pattaya Police.

According to local reporters and police, some tourists who used to start their evening out at 10 p.m. have adjusted to the new legal midnight closing hours and come out earlier.

However, this was still a paltry improvement, one Pattaya venue owner said, compared to the pre-pandemic tourism and before the national shutdown. They hoped, though, that the Pattaya economy would improve much further in the next high season and that the government would extend the closing hours to 2 a.m. or even 4 a.m. to facilitate the tourists and help the entertainment places gain more income.

TPN notes that nightlife venues were allowed to open as converted restaurants for the past several months with various rules and restrictions.

Bars and nightlife had been closed legally as actual bars since April of 2021 due to Covid19 restrictions and rules.

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Aim Tanakorn
The local news translator at The Pattaya News. Aim is a twenty-four year old who currently lives in Bangkok. Interested in English translation, story-telling, and entrepreneurship, he believes that hard-working is an indispensable component of every success in this world.