Bangkok Governor-elect Chadchart Sittipunt officially confirmed as Bangkok governor by the Election Commission

Bangkok –

  Bangkok Governor-elect Chadchart Sittipunt has been officially confirmed as the city governor after a week from the election date, the Election Commission announced in an official letter this afternoon, May 31st.

The statement also says the reason for the endorsement delay was that the Committee had to proceed with an “initial investigation” of whether Chadchart and his election campaigns and votes had been done with honesty, justice, and in line with Section 17 of the Electoral Administration Act (2006).

It is now official that Chadchart, who had won the governor election by a landslide with a total of 1,386,215 votes, has become the new Bangkok Governor.

Meanwhile, a group of Thai people on social media is raising a petition to remove Srisuwan Janya from the Association to Protect the Thai Constitution (APTC) group following his complaints to the authorities regarding Chadchart’s election banners, saying that they were likely to violate the local election law.

Srisuwan’s actions had caused outrage among the majority of Bangkok voters and Chadchart’s supporters on social media who considered it a trigger to create political disagreement and division in Thai society. They also added that Srisuwan previously complained about various matters that should not be complained about.

The number of names that initially signed the petition on has reached more than 5,791 supporters in a few hours. The names have gone up to 86,550 as of 7:20 P.M, press time, with a goal of 150,000. The topic is also widely discussed on social media today.


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