Thai Public Health Minister still wants people to wear masks after Covid-19 is labeled endemic, even if it isn’t “mandated”

Bangkok –

Facial masks will still be recommended in many areas after Thailand has labeled Covid-19 as an endemic disease, Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul stated today, May 30th.

The Minister gave an interview about the upcoming proposed end of the mask mandate this morning by saying that wearing a mask is highly advised by the Ministry of Public Health even though Covid-19 is no longer in the state of an outbreak and is approaching an endemic disease.

When the facial masks are no longer implemented as a mandate under emergency decree measures, it will be up to the individual’s consideration whether the situations they are in are at risk of the spread of Covid-19 or not. In the case of being in a group of acquaintances/friends/family members who are proved to have no risk factor, then the masks can be removed, Anutin said, but caution should be performed. However, the Minister said that people in large crowds and groups should be encouraged, even if not mandated, to wear a mask.

“When we are approaching an endemic disease, there will be a lot of measures to relax and we have evaluated that they are all safe for the public. We’re confident that people can assess their own risks whether or not it is safe to remove a mask,” Anutin said.

Additionally, the Minister also ordered relevant agencies to prepare for the reopening of entertainment venues in the green and blue zones on June 1st, making sure that the businesses are returning under the preventive health measures.

He also mentioned the possibility of scrapping the Thailand Pass registration for foreigners if the situation is under control to drive foreign tourists into the country in order to boost economic and tourism systems.


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Nop Meechukhun
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