French tourist killed after being directly hit by speeding car at Ayutthaya intersection

Ayutthaya –

A French tourist on a bicycle was tragically killed after being directly hit by a speeding car at an intersection in Ayutthaya on Wednesday evening, May 25th.

Ayutthaya provincial police, along with rescue officers and volunteers, rushed to the scene around 9:00 PM. after being alerted of the incident in which the foreign tourist was hit by a sedan and was seriously injured at the Khlong Makham Rieng intersection in Mueng district.

Upon arrival, a wrecked rental bicycle was found lying on the road and a white sedan with a broken windshield was found nearby. The 26-year-old injured woman, identified as Camellia (last name withheld by TPN media), was found heavily bleeding with severe wounds and broken arms and legs. She was, unfortunately, pronounced dead shortly afterward.

A 42-year-old car driver, whose name was withheld by law enforcement and who was still in shock, told police that he was on the way home when he noticed a green light for going straight and a red light for turning right. He then drove straight at a high speed at the same time that two female foreign tourists were biking into the middle of the intersection. He couldn’t brake in time, so the car directly crashed into one of the bikers. He was sorry about the incident and stated he would like to apologize to the family of the deceased.

A 34-year-old foreigner who reportedly rode the bikes with the victim said that they had been traveling to Ayutthaya since Tuesday and rented bicycles to visit historical places and temples in the province. They were about to head back to their guesthouse when the fatal incident occurred.

According to her statement, both red and green lights were shown at the same time when they arrived at the intersection and cars were reportedly waiting for lights on both sides of the road, so they decided to cycle across the road which was the same time the speeding sedan was driving towards them.

An owner of a guesthouse where the tourists were staying told reporters that they were shocked and immediately rushed to the scene after being informed of the incident. They also urged related authorities to examine and solve the problems of traffic lights to be more noticeable for both drivers, bikers, and pedestrians.

Initially, the body of the foreign tourist would be transferred for autopsy at Thammasat University Hospital. The police would contact the embassy to report the incident to her relatives for a funeral. Meanwhile, the Thai sedan driver was charged with reckless driving causing the death of another.

Photo Courtesy: Matichon Online


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