Indians lead the way to recover Phuket tourism with largest number of arrivals since Test and Go dropped

Phuket –

  Indian tourists are number one in tourist arrivals in Phuket with a total number of 12,200 since the unpopular Test and Go program was dropped on May 1st, says Phuket Immigration.

Phuket International Airport Immigration reported the current arrival statistics on May 18th. The number of Indian nationals who arrived in Phuket from May 1st to May 18th, 2022 is 12,200, which by far is number one from every foreign country.

In order, the other top arrival countries:

Australian – 4,951

Singaporean -3,615

British – 3,361

Russian – 2,389

German – 2,039

Malaysian – 1,985

American – 1,774

Saudi Arabian – 1,715

Emirati – 1,306

Mrs. Ratchadaphon Oin, the director of the Phuket Tourism and Sports office, told The Phuket Express, “We are expecting this year there will be five million foreign tourists in total visiting Phuket, with India likely the largest amount unless circumstances change in China or Russia. It will be roughly fifty percent of our overall tourism improvement when compared with previous years before Covid -19 pandemic.”

“Since May 1st there are up to 3,000 tourists arriving in Phuket per day, the majority from India. From May 1st to May 17th in total 45,806 international passengers arrived at Phuket International Airport with 413 international flights. At least 200,000 foreign tourists are scheduled to be arriving in Phuket this month and we expect India to continue to lead the way.”


Adam Judd
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