Leaking compressed gas tank flies from over a 100 meters from a garage and hits two parked motorcycles in Central Pattaya

Central Pattaya —

A leaking compressed gas tank flew from a garage located 100 meters away and hit two parked motorcycles and an electrical control cabinet. No injuries were reported luckily. 

Pattaya residents were alarmed yesterday, May 17th, when a leaking compressed gas tank suddenly flew from a garage located 100 meters away and collided with two parked motorcycles and an electrical control cabinet on Pattaya Third Rd, Central Pattaya. Fortunately, no one sustained injuries.  

According to The Pattaya News’s interview with San (last name withheld), a 45-year-old beverage vendor who witnessed the incident, she heard the sound of gas leaking and then saw the gas tank fly out of nowhere and crash into two parked motorcycles and an electrical cabinet. She expressed gratitude that it did not strike a parent and child who were standing nearby.

According to another eyewitness, Wattana Onnim, a 54-year-old motorcycle taxi driver, he said that the gas tank probably flew from a garage located 100 meters from the incident scene.

The garage owner, Paisan Sappinan (age not given), later told The Pattaya News that he removed the gas tanks from an old car for scraps and placed them in an open space, but one of them leaked and caused the accident. He promised to relocate all the tanks to somewhere safe and to repair and pay for the damaged bikes and the cabinet.

However, further inspection by Pattaya Police reportedly revealed that four other tanks had allegedly malfunctioned and flown into other people’s properties previously from this same shop. Pattaya Police were working with Mr. Sappinan regarding the property damage.


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