Alleged base of two illegal online gambling websites raided in Bangkok, group of underaged workers found

Bangkok –

Cyber police and officials from the Makkasan Police Station yesterday, May 17th, raided the base of alleged illegal online gambling websites in Bangkok where a group of underaged workers under 20 years old was also found illegally working.

This followed an investigation that revealed that there were illegal online gambling websites located near the Makkasan Police Station on the second floor of a large rental house in Soi Soonvijai, Bangkok. Upon the raid, about 10 administrators were found sitting in front of their computers, posting messages, and allegedly tricking their potential customers to gamble.

The suspects were arrested and several properties in dispute were confiscated, including 21 computer screens, 10 CPUs, 19 mobile phones, 10 mobile SIM cards, 27 bank statements, and five motorcycles.

According to the police investigation, the group was operating two gambling websites, and, for more than a year but had just moved to the place for about 6 months.

The company had a turnover in cash of about 20 million baht per month. A total of 20 employees, most of them teenagers under 19-years-old, were hired as website administrators with a salary of 14,000 baht per shift to post messages or advertisements on online platforms. They were reportedly working 12 hours per shift, 09:00 AM. – 09:00 PM. and 9:00 PM. – 09:00 AM.

The officials would expand the investigation as they believed that the company was run by Thai business owners as all the income was flowing only into the Thai bank accounts.

Photo Courtesy: Matichon


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Nop Meechukhun
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