Reader Talkback Thailand Results: What exactly is, in your opinion, a “quality” tourist?

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Last week, we asked you the following:

What exactly is, in your opinion, a “quality” tourist?

Some context around this question:

We often hear from the Thai government that they want to attract more “Quality” tourists. This is usually not given any sort of explanation and is open to wide interpretation.

So, we wanted to ask YOU, our readers, what you think a quality tourist is. Is it spending? Is it tourists who don’t drink or party? Is it tourists who try to truly learn about Thai culture? Is it tourists who visit outside of big tourist areas like Pattaya or Phuket? Is it someone who doesn’t post negative reviews or feedback online? Is it someone on a tour group? What do YOU think?

Here is what you, our readers, had to say as our editors selected some of the most diverse responses to highlight different points of view. Obviously, we can’t post everyone’s opinion here so selected a variety of the most diverse opinions. As always, the opinions and statements below are the reader’s own and may not reflect those of TPN media. There have been minor edits for spelling and grammar only:


George S-Thailand should be thinking about their economy and anyone who spends money is a quality tourist to their business and small shops bars etc this gives local people money in their pocket which they spend the country needs this.


Michael R-I think what the government really means is fewer sex tourists who don’t travel the country beyond the sleazy joints in certain areas of Bangkok and Pattaya, where a minimal budget is required, and the backpackers who typically stay just outside the sleazy areas, also requiring minimal funds.


Derek F-Let’s qualify what is a tourist, not a group of prepaid individuals who don’t help the local tour operators or food and beverage vendors.


Jordan B-It means dumb, naive farang that aren’t sex tourists who can get fleeced to the bone for their money. I can’t describe in words the way tuk-tuk drivers scowled in contempt when I spoke Thai to them.


Brian H-Simple answer: for quality, read: rich.
End of story.


Stuben-What a quality tourist depends on the location. For Pattaya, quality tourists seem to be sex and booze tourists. There must be a reason why red light businesses are at every corner and even public places like the Beach Road or Soi Buakhao are filled with “entertainers”. I never saw family tourists in these entertainment venues. Only (often older) Farang guys and young Thai ladies. Pattaya seems to like these kinds of tourists. Otherwise, the newer Tree Town in the city center wouldn’t exist.


Christer-A quality tourist, from the Government’s view, is a tourist that spends a lot of money. The more the better. A minimum standard of behavior is also the word, no criminal activities. But if you are interested in Thai culture and spend time visiting cultural places etc. but do not spend any money, you are not a quality tourist. Money talks, especially in Thailand.


Kieran -A quality tourist is someone who takes the time to learn some of the basic culture, do’s, and do not’s while adhering to the law while still having a good time. Someone who takes the time to see many aspects of Thailand.


Oo Jig-One that has big money to spend.


George S-Quality tourists – one who comes and spends their money on whatever they want to without causing problems or offense to others.


Fred J-One that behaves him or herself.


Harry K-Respect and obey thai rules.


David A-He or she of no specific ethnicity who brings huge amounts of money to the country and spreads it liberally around until it’s all gone.


Martin T-A quality tourist that the Thai government want is one that stays in their own country but sends all their money to Thailand


Les H-One who gives respect for others. Even if you don’t happen to agree with them…!


Jay B-Those who attend the cultural attractions, parks such as Nong Nooch Gardens, zoos, golf courses, and beaches. Tourists that are not just in Thailand for the nightlife and red light activities.


Jimmy S-someone that doesn’t go to a bar and start fights when drunk? someone that doesn’t hate Thailand yet still comes and complains constantly? just curious


Anto-Someone who respects Thai traditions doesn’t complain about them not speaking (good) English and doesn’t walk around like he can do the f… he wants, because he’s a tourist.



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