14 undocumented Cambodian workers captured hiding in pickup truck driven by driver under the influence of drugs in Sa Kaeo

Sa Kaeo –

  A group of 14 undocumented migrant workers from Cambodia were captured hiding in a pickup truck that was reportedly driven by a drugged driver and later crashed into a police checkpoint in the Khao Chakan district of Sa Kaeo province today, May 5th.

Officers from the Sa Kaeo Provincial Police Station began an investigation after being alerted of a Cambodian migrant smuggling ring near the natural border of the Ta Phraya district. The workers would travel with a white pickup truck that would drive along a secondary road through the Khao Chakan district to Chachoengsao province.

The police then followed the suspected vehicle and asked them to stop. Instead, the truck accelerated and changed its direction. Sa Kaeo Provincial Police then called for urgent help to install obstacles at the nearest checkpoint.

However, the vehicle drove through the cones and obstacles and towards a police officer who was standing to block its escape. More police were deployed to stop the vehicle until it was captured in the Kabinburi district in Prachinburi province.

Driver Kraiwit Tui was arrested and a total of 14 Cambodian migrant workers, including 9 men and 5 women, were discovered hiding sitting and lying down in the truck. The initial examination revealed that none of them were carrying passports or work permit documents in Thailand.

The 28-year-old driver allegedly confessed to the police that he was taking drugs before picking up the migrant workers. They were smuggled to work in Bangkok and Chachoengsao and had to pay a fee of 6,500 baht for bringing them to a Cambodian broker. The driver himself was hired for 2,500 baht each time, according to his statement.

Initially, all of them were taken to the Sa Kaeo Provincial Police Station for further investigation.  Kraiwit was charged for assisting and concealing the illegal entry of immigrants into the Kingdom, taking or using narcotics Category I (Methamphetamine), and driving while taking narcotic drugs. The undocumented Cambodian workers were initially charged for illegally entering the Kingdom without permission.

Photo Courtesy: Naewna


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