Woman reportedly leaps out of her pickup in traffic and acts oddly in Chonburi, locals believe she got possessed

PHOTO: วิศาล แสงเจริญ/TOPNEWS

Chonburi —  

  A 31-year-old female driver leaped out of her pickup next to a gas station near a cemetery in Chonburi and acted what local residents described as “possessed”, while her mother said she recently had a dispute with her boyfriend which upset her. 

Around 5.00 p.m. on April 26th, Chonburi police were notified of a female driver who suddenly leaped out of her pickup truck in heavy traffic and started acting strange outside a gas station near the Meng Hui Cemetery, Ban Suan sub-district, Mueang district, Chonburi.

At the gas station, police found Kanokthip (last name withheld by editorial policy), 31. She was reportedly having odd demeanors: shanking, inattentiveness, and she kept rubbing her body with a Chinese talisman and chanting to the passersby to summon a monk for her. Police said that they found a battery, an amulet string, and another Chinese talisman in her truck. 

Natthida Wongthongsuk, a 53-year-old gas station manager, said that the woman was acting like she was possessed and was alarming local residents who were already superstitious about the nearby cemetery. However, when Natthida telephoned the woman’s mother to inform her of the incident, she was told that the woman just broke up with her boyfriend and had a mental breakdown and anxiety problem

Police then took her to the Chonburi Police Station to wait for her relatives to pick her up. It was unclear if she would be taken for a mental health or medical evaluation.

The incident was widely viewed on social media and many residents claimed the woman was possessed by ghosts from the nearby cemetery, but police and her mother dismissed these claims.    


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Aim Tanakorn
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