Thai tourists flock to Koh Larn during weekdays seemingly before school opens on May 17th

Pattaya —

  Large crowds of Thai tourists have been seen on vacation at Koh Larn recently during the weekdays while Koh Larn officials speculated that they would like to relax as a family before the new school semester begins in May.  

TPN reporters visited the Bali Hai Pier today, April 28th, to check on a growing crowd of tourists (mostly Thais) who came to board a ferry to Koh Larn. Even though it was still a weekday, the pier was relatively cluttered with people, so a lot of officers were on duty to maintain order and ensure passenger compliance with Covid-19 regulations such as mask mandates, washing hands, social distancing, and temperature checks.

According to officers, they anticipated that many people wanted to spend some vacation time on Koh Larn before the schools opened on May 17th. They insisted that ferry tickets still cost only 30 baht per trip.


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