Thailand’s Civil Aviation Authority issues latest measures for air travel, effective May 1st

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has issued a NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions) to inform airlines around the world of the latest measures for air travel to Thailand, starting May 1st, following the government announcement of easing arrival measures last Friday.

To create mutual understanding and allow airlines to comply with the measures correctly, the NOTAM notice is as follows:

  1. Passengers who have been fully vaccinated are allowed to enter the country without any additional Covid-19 testing. However, passengers are advised to conduct an ATK (rapid Covid-19 antigen) test if they have any suspicious symptoms.
  2. Passengers who have not been vaccinated or are not fully vaccinated can have an RT-PCR test within 72 hours before departure and will be able to enter the country without any additional Covid-19 testing as well as fully vaccinated passengers. If these passengers do not have RT-PCR test results, they will be quarantined as ordered by quarantine officials and are required to conduct RT-PCR testing on day 4 or day 5 of the quarantine.
  3. All passengers must have health insurance coverage against Covid-19 or a letter of guarantee of full coverage for Covid-19 treatment worth at least 10,000 USD coverage throughout their stay in Thailand. Passengers can use this insurance to receive Covid-19 treatment if they are found to be infected.
  4. Passengers must provide proof of vaccination or RT-PCR test results and Covid-19 health insurance when registering in the ‘Thailand Pass’ system before traveling. Once the documents have been verified, the passenger will receive a QR Code to present to the airline. If there is no QR Code, the airline may refuse to have passengers on board.
  5. Airlines must verify that passengers have QR Codes from the ‘Thailand Pass’ system before accepting them onto the aircraft. If a passenger is found to have arrived in Thailand without a QR Code, the airline will be responsible for sending the passenger back to the country of origin.
  6. Airports and related agencies must strictly implement government measures such as wearing masks, checking body temperature, before entering or leaving the facility

CAAT also asked airlines to cooperate with the inspection, document screening, and surveillance in strict accordance with the new measures. At the same time, they must provide complete and accurate passenger information in order to be able to fully prepare and facilitate travelers when entering the country under the new measures.

TPN notes that this is NOT yet the legal, official law for the new measures, which needs to be signed into the Royal Gazette to be official and is likely to happen near the very, very end of this month.


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