Allegedly drunken monk on pilgrimage injured after trying to sneak into man’s bedroom to sleep in Sri Racha

Sri Racha —

A drunken monk who was on pilgrimage got chased out of the house and injured by the house’s owner due to his multiple religious wrongdoings and an attempt to sneak into the owner’s bedroom to sleep.

Today, April 25th, Sri Racha police received a request from Atthaphon Jitchinda, a 39-year-old house owner, to check on a person claiming himself as a monk whom he chased out of his property after he got into a fight with him for trying to sneak into his bedroom.

According to Sri Racha police report, the person was found wandering in shorts, bald, and covered in bruises and lacerations on the opposite side of Dara Samut School, Sukhumvit Rd, Sriracha, Chonburi.

His name was revealed later as Boontha Lawichai. He was actually a monk at 74 years of age and born in Lamphun Province. Boontha was reportedly in a seemingly drunken state while receiving first aid from Sri Racha rescuers. He was then transferred to Laem Chabang Hospital for further treatment.

According to the house owner, Atthaphon, he admitted to hitting Boontha (the monk) with a stick, but he argued that Boontha tried to climb into his bedroom first, so he expelled him and contacted the police.

However, Atthaphon later said to police that he actually let Boontha stay at his house for two days when the monk showed up at his doorstep, but he actually never knew him before, despite the fact that Boontha claimed he knew his parents.

Additionally, on the first day of Boontha’s stay, he ordered Atthaphon to buy tobacco and booze for him while he was preparing his lunch, which Atthaphon thought contradicted the Buddhist rules.

Also, at night, Boontha repeatedly tried to sneak into Atthaphon’s bedroom to sleep, so Atthaphon got into a fight with him and expelled him from his property because he was worried about his wife who would come back home at night.
Initially, Boontha still remained in the hospital, while police suggested both sides to report the offenses at the Sri Racha Police Station if they pleased. However, both of them had not taken any action yet as of press time.

Sri Racha police also believe there is more to the story and would forward the monk’s behavior to abbots at nearby temples.

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