Two trucks collide with both drivers severely injured in Ban Bueng, Chonburi

Ban Bueng, Chonburi –  

  Two trucks collided at 05.30 a.m. in Chonburi yesterday, April 22nd, severely injuring both drivers.

A screen capture of the collision.

Pol Lt. Col. Saranyapong Angkanawin from the Ban Bueng Police Station was notified of a collision between two trucks on the 344 Bueng-Klaeng route, near ThaiBev U-turn, Nong Samsak sub-district, Ban Bueng, Chonburi.

Two truck drivers, Watchara Thodsungnoen, 46, who sustained a severe head injury, and Chaiya Jornkaew, 55, were hospitalized at Ban Bueng Hospital, according to TPN reporters. Despite their injuries, they were both alert, aware, and cognizant and blamed each other for the accident.

Watchara’s truck, which was reportedly transporting asphalt, collided with Chaiya’s truck, which was transporting 20 tons of steel coil, resulting in an obstructed roadway; therefore, police and rescuers needed to suggest to other drivers to use a shortcut. Police from the Ban Bueng Police Station said to TPN reporters that it was very fortunate that the accident happened at night with low traffic, and there was another shortcut to reach 334 route before the accident scene otherwise there would have been extremely heavy traffic. According to the rescue teams, the driver carrying steel coils was about to take a U-turn, and was suddenly hit by the other truck. On the other hand, the driver carrying asphalt argued the steel coil truck could not properly make a U-turn and blocked his way, so he could not brake and collided with them, causing injuries to both men.      

Initially, police kept images of the accident as evidence and would summon both drivers to the police station for legal proceedings after they had treatment for their severe, but not life-threatening, injuries.


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Aim Tanakorn
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