Bangkok governor candidate Wiroj introduces his policy to fully reopen Bangkok and all sectors, including entertainment, and remove mask mandates within 90 days

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  Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, the Bangkok governor candidate from the Move Forward party, promised to fully reopen Bangkok, including the technically still closed nightlife sector, and give a normal life back to Bangkok people within 90 days, if he was elected as a governor in the upcoming election on May 22nd.

Wiroj, who was one of the prime candidates in the Bangkok governor election, declared his statement during an online debate organized by PPTV channel, saying that the important thing is that the Bangkok governor must be able to take action within 90 days and reopen the city, remove mask mandates, revive the economy, and return the normal way of life for all Bangkok residents.

He said: “Didn’t you notice that while watching the Manchester United and Liverpool football match this week, the audiences had already removed their masks? I think that the people of Bangkok should ask themselves now how long we will have to wear facial masks and keep our distance when we already have received 3 or 4 Covid-19 vaccine injections. Most major metropolises in the world, minus of course some in China, have dropped mask mandates, especially outdoors.”

PHOTO: Siamrath

“The Bangkok governor must have an important goal to reopen the city, remove mask mandates, revive the economy, and return the normal way of life to the people. Many major cities around the world have now relaxed their measures. They can do so not because they have fewer infections, but because they have vaccinations. And when their people were infected, they didn’t think about dying anymore because they are confident in the treatment system.” Wiroj explained.

The Former Move Forward MP continued that Bangkok authorities should proceed with a more proactive vaccination of the booster dose as only 67 percent of the vulnerable population had received the third vaccination.

“If the authorities set goals to reach 8 million booster doses, the same amount as the 2nd doses, then there are 3 million booster doses left or about 60,000 shots per day. They have accomplished this goal before. If distributing 50,000 doses at vaccination centers, the booster injections would reach 8 million doses in just 60 days,” Wiroj added.


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