Pattaya mayoral candidate Poramese Ngampiches promises to fully restore tourism sector, including nightlife, in Pattaya if elected

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Pattaya –

Pattaya needs its new mayor, being elected on May 22nd of this year, to be far-sighted, experienced, and eager in reviving tourism, Mr. Poramese Ngampiches, the Pattaya mayoral candidate, told the local Pattaya press today.   

Mr. Poramese, the candidate from the Rao Rak Pattaya or We Love Pattaya team, revealed to the associated press today, April 16th, that Pattaya was constantly recovering in terms of the economy, particularly during the Songkran period. According to Poramese, many domestic and foreign visitors have brought the city to life and the hotels overlooking the beaches were almost fully reserved.

Additionally, there were over 20,000 people visiting Koh Larn daily currently according to Bali Hai Pier officials. However, he continued that he wanted Pattaya to remain in this state for the entire year, so one of his policies would focus on promoting events in Pattaya to be known globally to attract tourists to the city all year round.

“The new mayor needed to be someone far-sighted, experienced, and capable of attracting tourists to Pattaya all year round. They need to invite organizations both local and international to organize seminars to revitalize the Pattaya economy and generate income for locals, restaurants, hotels, and resorts,” Mr. Poramese commented.  

In terms of Pattaya events, he stated that the majority of them had been successful in establishing Pattaya as a world-famous tourist destination, such as the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival, which was chosen as one of three Asian Marine Festivals.

Poramese has also previously promised to fully restore the nightlife and entertainment industry in Pattaya, which he has stated is important for the tourism industry and a “magnet” attraction for the city. Legally, the sector remains closed due to Covid-19 restrictions but in reality, is operating with many rules and restrictions as converted restaurants.

Poramese’s party, We Love Pattaya, is led by former Pattaya mayor Sonthaya Khunplume, who decided not to personally run for mayor (he was previously appointed during the military coup period and not elected) but to lead his party and endorse Poramese as its candidate.

TPN notes that restrictions on tourism and the entertainment sector are currently being set at a national level and not a local one due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


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