Pattaya homeless woman who goes viral on Tiktok receives help from Chonburi social workers

Pattaya – 

  A homeless woman in Pattaya who went viral on Tiktok for standing oddly still for hours in the night received help from relevant authorities yesterday, April 5th.

Following a viral Tiktok video of a homeless woman mysteriously standing in front of a police kiosk for hours earlier this week, yesterday, April 5th, social workers and the city homeless protection center went to Pattaya beach in front of the Central Pattaya shopping mall to help the woman in the video.

According to locals, she was nicknamed “Mae Sai Yued” (motionless woman) because she was often found standing completely still around Pattaya areas and sometimes inside the shopping malls. Later, her real name was revealed by the social workers as Amporn Prasi. She used to live in the Ban Muang sub-district, Ban Dung district, Udon Thani province, as shown in her identification. Local residents said that the woman was mentally ill and liked to sleep in front of the Pattaya Police Station.

Initially, she was taken to Bang Lamung Hospital for primary aid, before the Chonburi city homeless protection center will take care of the rest.

TPN notes that the amount of homeless people in the Pattaya area has increased locally since the Covid-19 pandemic began, bringing with it many business closures, restrictions, and a lack of tourists that devastated Pattaya’s economy. Although things have begun to improve, Pattaya still has a long way to go. We have covered homeless issues locally many times in the past two years, with some articles below.

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