Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health expects Covid-19 to be fully treated as ‘endemic’ by July

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The Thai Ministry of Public Health has joined university researchers to assess Thailand’s response to the Covid-19 situation following World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, expecting to announce the disease as endemic in July.

Dr. Rungrueng Kitphati, advisor and spokesman from the Ministry of Public Health, revealed to the press yesterday, March 5th, that the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand and around the world is likely to continue to decline. The Ministry then developed a management plan to announce the disease and treat it as endemic.

Their research team also worked with various universities and related agencies to evaluate the country’s current and real response to the Covid-19 situation in national and regional areas under the WHO guidelines.

PHOTO: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

According to the survey in eight main areas and 44 sub-areas, it was found that:

  1. Thailand’s and the Ministry of Public Health’s competence and the situational response was at a very good level according to the guidelines’ 7 key components such as leadership, management, manpower, medicines, medical supplies, vaccines, service systems, participation of various sectors.
  2. Currently, most of the Covid-19 situation in Thailand and around the world was in the adjustment period to the pandemic ending and eventually to endemic as many factors that caused the infection and its severity had greatly reduced. The situation was currently stable. It was expected to gradually improve and would become endemic in early July 2022. However, a crucial factor to the pandemic ending was the level of people’s immunity against Covid-19.
  3. The country’s medical and public health services, including disease prevention and control systems, medical personnel, drugs, medical supplies, and hospital beds, are sufficient for the situation. But the services and treatments must be adjusted in the same way as other general communicable diseases such as influenza. Moreover, there would be a consideration to provide an annual Covid-19 vaccination in a risk group, similar to the influenza vaccine. The development of public health systems in large urban areas such as Bangkok should also be accelerated.
  4. The system of medical supplies, drugs, and vaccines was well managed and sufficient. The government policies have continued to functionally improve health stability by promoting and supporting domestic production for future crises and other emerging infectious diseases.
  5. The country and Public Health Ministry must develop a proactive communication system to create mutual public understanding, both in social media and other media platforms to effectively reach all groups of people. It should include fake news management and the provision to enter the endemic season with knowledge, understanding, and self-adaptation among individuals, society, and culture.

“This was a step towards the pandemic ending and the change to an endemic season. The Covid-19 situation would end with the cooperation of all parties, both the public and private sectors. It was also important to provide mutual knowledge, understanding, and cooperation from the public,” Dr. Rungrueng stated.


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