PR: A Taxing Time for Americans in Pattaya

Expat Tax Returns are challenging if you are trying to do them yourself. The IRS regularly changes tax requirements and rules, especially for ex-pats. That’s where American International Tax Advisers ( aitaxadvisers .com ) can assist you with tax-effective solutions for ex-pats in Thailand and Asia.

American International Tax Advisers have been servicing clients in Thailand for six years and have a large number of very happy customers. We also work together with local and international companies to assist with legal and investment advice to maximize your tax efficiency.

Our practice Founder and CEO, Thomas Carden has 25+ years, of experience in Expat Tax work, originally leading the Jackson Hewitt International ex-pats team, before moving to Thailand to start American International Tax Advisers.

Our growing company is based in Bangkok but has offices in Hong Kong, UAE, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, and Brazil. We are set up with technology to assist Expats all around the world and can arrange an appointment at your convenience.

Some recent outcomes from our private consultations.

We have assisted a couple of veterans to get refunds ranging from USD$2000-5000 from the previous year’s filings. We charge reasonable fees for our retired veterans. **

We are preparing tax amendments for clients expecting $2500, $4700, and $8900 for overpayments of the previous year’s filings. These are fee-paying clients who have self filed or had their CPA complete the tax in America. **

** These are indicative results and are all dependent on individual circumstances.

To find out about special tax and trust benefits Americans have while living and/or retired in Thailand. Join us at 2 pm on Thursday 3rd in Pattaya at ULB Café.

Free private consultations are available from 3rd to 5th March see below.

There are all sorts of issues going on today, so for the latest tax updates and the best advice on keeping more of your money, join us Thursday.

If you have a frozen US 401K\IRA or have taken a withdrawal within the last 3 years, learn the possible tax benefits for you in Thailand.

Ken Brown of Business Class Asia
Thomas Carden of American International Tax Advisers is both based in Bangkok but in Pattaya this weekend.

While there will be time for Q&A at the meeting, please feel free to begin the discussion with questions you would like us to cover here in the event.

LIMITED FREE Private consultations can be arranged on 4th and 5th March outside of scheduled meetings. Contact to arrange your consultation.

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