Pro-democracy activists, Arnon Nampa and Parit Chiwarak, denied bail by South Bangkok Criminal Court, another protest leader Chinnawat Chankrachang arrested

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Bangkok –

The South Bangkok Criminal Court today, February 23rd, has denied bail for two prominent pro-democracy protest leaders, Arnon Nampa and Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak, despite the fact that they had been granted bail by the Ratchadapisek Criminal Court yesterday.

According to the reading, the Court reasoned that Arnon’s claim that he has to work and take care of his family is not reason enough to change the Appeal Court’s previous order.

The Court also stated he had also committed several offenses and was likely to cause more damage to society if released. It also added that the defendant was not granted temporary release either in the first case of a Harry Potter-themed rally in August 2020, so today’s bail request was denied.

As for Parit, who was charged for royal defamation and sedition in staging a crop top protest in Bangkok last year, the Bangkok Criminal Court stated that he must present evidence of his enrollment at Thammasat University, class schedules, and a letter from the university in order for the Court to reconsider his bail request.

Following the South Bangkok Criminal Court’s verdict, both of them will remain in detention despite the fact that they have just been granted temporary bail from the Ratchadapisek Criminal Court yesterday and from the Ayutthaya Provincial Court and the Bangkok South Municipal Court today.

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Meanwhile, another pro-democracy activist Chinnawat “Bright” Chankrachang has also been arrested and primarily charged with lese majeste for organizing a pro-democracy demonstration on February 4th under an arrest warrant issued by the Nonthaburi Provincial Court.

He is now being taken to the Nonthaburi police station.


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Nop Meechukhun
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