Thai Public Health Ministry explains what level 4 Covid-19 alert means-advice, not mandates

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The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) reminded the public the current Covid-19 situation alert is still at level 4 in Thailand (of five possible levels) and described the specific preventive measures at this level this week.

Dr. Kiatipoom Wongrachit, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, warned all provincial public health authorities yesterday, February 21st, to continue to comply with their recommendations on the level 4 alert of Covid-19 situation that had been announced since January in order to control the epidemic situation to a stable level.

TPN media notes, however, that the level 4 restrictions are only “recommendations” and not mandates or compulsory.

When being specifically asked by reporters if the alert included a ban on drinking alcohol in restaurants, no gathering activities, and joining risky activities, Dr. Kiatipoom said that the alert would indicate advice for the public, but not compulsory rules. He compared the advice to doctors advising people watching their weight not to eat fatty or high sugar foods, but pointed out this wasn’t a “law” and just advice.

However, Dr. Kiatipoom did caution that governors or the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) could mandate restrictions if they chose to do so in the future if the situation with Covid-19 did not improve. The CCSA is set to meet tomorrow morning, February 23rd, 2022, to discuss restrictions and measures nationwide.

When being asked if the Ministry of Public Health would propose increased control measures around Covid19 overall at the CCSA meeting this Wednesday, the Permanent Secretary only stated that the Ministry would not introduce the old stricter measures as the number of hospital beds were still sufficient at the moment. However, again, he cautioned the situation was “fluid” and could change quickly.

The level 4 alert suggestions and advice, amongst other items, suggests people limit their travel, work from home if possible, avoid social gatherings, avoid drinking alcohol in groups including at restaurants, avoid events, and more.


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