Legendary Pattaya rocker Lam Morrison seriously ill in ICU in area hospital for blood infection, daughter releases statement and thanks fans for support

Pattaya, Thailand-

Lam Morrison’s daughter, Nattasha Nauljam, released a statement on her Instagram and spoke with TPN affiliated reporters late last night, February 21st, 2022, about the condition of her father, legendary guitarist Lam Morrison, who is well known in Pattaya.

The Instagram post, which can be seen here, revealed that Lam had a blood infection and was in an intensive care unit (ICU) in Pattaya and Nattasha asked for everyone to pray for her father. It was posted early in the morning on February 21st and she gave an update to reporters just a few hours ago, late at night.

Nattasha updated the situation, explaining that Lam Morrison was still in the ICU and was getting treatment for an infection in his bloodstream. It was still not clear what sort of blood and bacteria infection it was, according to Nattasha.

However, Nattasha stated that her father was doing much better than yesterday when he was first taken to the ICU and his strength had increased as had the color in his skin. She stated her father is a strong fighter and believes he will recover 100% from his current illness. The fever he had yesterday had fallen, she added, another good sign.

Nattasha stated that the family had considered moving Lam to Bangkok but have decided to keep him in Pattaya for care at this time due to his condition and the fact that they feel the local hospital can handle the situation and that family members will instead come to Pattaya to follow his progress.

Nattasha thanked all of Lam Morrison’s fans and everyone who wishes him encouragement to recover and get well. She stated she is very thankful for everyone who has helped during this situation, including the doctors at a local Pattaya hospital.

Lam Morrison is incredibly well-known in Pattaya for his guitar skills and frequent appearances at local nightclubs and bars, especially Hot Tuna on Walking Street. His nickname is “The Guitar King” of Thailand and has gained a significant following over many, many years. You can see his Facebook here.

TPN media wishes Lam to get well as soon as possible and gives our thoughts to his family and encouragement during this difficult time.

Below is a video of Lam our team took at his birthday in August of 2020.

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