Foreign man arrested in Central Pattaya after causing major public disturbance and barricading himself in massage shop bathroom

Pattaya, Thailand-

Details are still extremely limited but an unidentified foreigner was arrested this afternoon, February 21st, 2022, after causing what Pattaya Police called a “major public disturbance” near Kiss Food and Second Road, across from Mike Shopping Mall.

The foreigner, whose name and nationality was not released by Pattaya Police and was described as “extremely uncooperative” and “erratic and unhinged” by law enforcement, was allegedly threatening and shouting at other passersby and then barricaded himself in a toilet at a nearby massage shop when police arrived. He had not been a customer of the massage shop and fled into the massage parlor to attempt to evade police officers.
A witness to the incident, who declined to be named, claimed the foreign man appeared to be either intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and was acting “enraged”, scaring local residents and tourists and causing a major public disturbance. A second witness claimed the foreign man could regularly be seen on Pattaya Beach and appeared to be possibly destitute. These claims could not be corroborated by TPN media who arrived after the incident took place.
The suspect was removed by force from the bathroom by multiple police officers, municipality law enforcement, and even lifeguards and was taken to a local police station. An investigation is still ongoing. We will provide further details when/if they are released, but Pattaya Police had not released any further details about the suspect, other than the photos in this article, or the incident as of press time.
Photos courtesy Pattaya Law Enforcement.
Adam Judd
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