Family of female doctor who was killed at Bangkok crosswalk by speeding police officer on motorbike files lawsuit against Royal Thai Police and government agencies for 72 million baht

Bangkok –

A family of a female doctor, Waraluck Supwatjariyakul, sued the Royal Thai Police for 72 million baht following a tragic fatal road accident involving their daughter who was killed by a big bike driven by police officer Norawit Buadok in late January.

The accident quickly drew national headlines and a renewed discussion on crosswalk safety nationwide.

Waraluck’s parents, Anirut and Ratchanee Supwatjariyakul, and their lawyer, arrived at the Civil Court today, February 17th, to file a lawsuit against the Royal Thai Police and Police Lance Corporal Norawit Buadok – a Commander of the 2nd Battalion, Commanding Division 1 under the Crowd Control and Protection Division – for infringement in the case of reckless driving and killing the female doctor while crossing a crosswalk on January 21st, demanding compensation of more than 72 million baht.

Lawyer Nattapol Chinnawong told the Associated Press that the damage was assessed by academics and agencies with expertise in damage assessment, considering Waraluck’s skills and potentials that if she was still alive she would have earned an income until retirement of at least 200 million baht to support the family. The assessment also included the funeral expenses and other expenses, therefore, the family decided to sue for damages at 72 million baht.

He revealed the reasons for suing the Royal Thai Police in that it was an affiliated agency of the defendant and it was to be a guarantee that there was a potential to be responsible of such damages.

Nattapol stated: “Although the police officer Norawit would likely have no money to pay and the Royal Thai Police considered the crime was a personal matter, the family thought that there is a connection to duty. Because before the incident, the officer went to pick up important documents at the Police Headquarters. The scene of the accident was also not far from the Royal Thai Police HQ. Moreover, the date and time of the incident were also during the government working hours.”

Initially, the Civil Court had made an appointment for a pre-trial conference on April 20th before consideration will take place on whether to move forward with the lawsuit or not.

After the Civil Court, the family planned to file another lawsuit at the Administrative Court against the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the Office of Transport and Traffic, and the Road Safety Operation Center for neglecting to provide safety for pedestrians at crossings with the same compensation amount of 72 million baht.

Photo Courtesy: Prachachat


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