24 customers and employees arrested at “restaurant” in Hat Yai for allegedly violating Songkhla’s Covid-19 preventive orders

Songkhla –

A total of 24 customers and employees from a “restaurant” (converted bar) in Hat Yai were captured last night for allegedly organizing partying and drinking to celebrate Valentine’s Day without complying with Covid-19 preventive measures, violating the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee’s order.

Hat Yai police officers arrived at the local restaurant for inspection following local residents’ complaints that the establishment was performing live music loudly that caused noise and disturbance in the neighborhood.

Upon arrival, the restaurant that was operated in a closed building without proper ventilation was filled with a number of customers who were seen eating, drinking alcohol, and dancing along a live performance on stage without following the Covid-19 preventive measures. The place was also reportedly selling liquor, beer, and other alcoholic beverages.

The officers then called off the operation of the business and took all of the customers and restaurant employees to the police station for legal charges of jointly violating the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee’s order and opening an entertainment venue without permission, violating the Entertainment Place Act.

Technically speaking, bars, pubs, nightclubs, and entertainment venues have been closed since April of 2021 in Thailand under Covid-19 measures, although have been allowed to open as “restaurants” with certain rules in some areas. Some parts of the country, however, still ban alcohol sales at restaurants and have strict rules on entertainment venues in general, including Songkhla.

Photo Courtesy: Post Today


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