Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn visits Pattaya over the weekend, vows to field a candidate for Pattaya Mayor in upcoming election

Pattaya –

Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit posted on his Facebook official account yesterday, February 12th, regarding the living, financial, business hardships, and other social problems that local residents have faced in Pattaya based on a recent visit to the city, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He firstly mentioned the Covid-19 situation that has deprived the main source of income in Pattaya, which is foreign tourists. Although business operators in Pattaya have tried to adapt themselves to the measures issued by the government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O’Cha, Thanathorn stated that in his opinion the measures had given no sympathy for the local residents who have to make a living.

The leader also talked to local business owners during his visit. They talked about their fear that Pattaya City in terms of public facilitations, such as public utilities, traffic, roads, and other infrastructures, would not be able to keep up with rapid changes in the future, especially as tourists do eventually return.

He wrote: “The constantly reoccurring flooding problems in Pattaya, especially in the alleys (railway road) around Sukhumvit Road, is only getting harder every year and has caused enormous damage to the people living in those areas. Many families have to adjust their own homes, making them higher from the road. But people who do not have enough money to do so have to accept the conditions. They have to lose their money and mental health just on flood prevention measures.”

“I saw a lot of evidence of road drilling in many Pattaya streets to install cable wires under the roads and new water pipes. But I just happened to know that all of these projects were operated separately, resulting in seemingly infinite construction as they kept opening and closing the traffic surfaces and pedestrian walkways. Different departments should talk to each other and finish everything together, vs. years of construction.” Thanathorn wrote.

“Also, many people in outer areas of the city may expect that the water supply is also a major problem in Pattaya. There are still frequent problems with the water that is not running or not running properly despite the fact that the city’s water system is a concession given to a private company. It should have been even better than the one by the government.” Thanathorn added.

Thanathorn said that he and members of the Progressive Movement were even more driven to take action to change Pattaya City after witnessing and talking to locals about Pattaya’s problems.

He stated at the end that the members of the Progressive Movement will also be candidates in the upcoming Pattaya Mayor election and candidates for members of Pattaya City Council. He also asked for an opportunity for his people to prove the Movement’s determination to serve the Pattaya people and improve the city’s economy and quality of life. He did not, however, state who the candidate(s) fielded would be.

TPN media notes that no firm date for the first election of mayor in about a decade has been set but is likely to be in May.

Bangkok and Pattaya elections expected to be held in May, Interior Minister states

Photo Courtesy: Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit – ธนาธร จึงรุ่งเรืองกิจ


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