Local police confirm theft and assault incident involving the wife of a German footballer in Phang Nga, hunt for a suspect ongoing

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Phang Nga –

Phang Nga police confirmed yesterday, February 10th, that a case involving the wife of a prominent German footballer, Cathy Hummels, who was allegedly attacked and robbed actually occurred in the Khokkloi area of Phang Nga, not Phuket.

The announcement followed her statement to foreign media on Wednesday that she was attacked and robbed while strolling around the beach after finishing her filming as a presenter of a TV show in Phuket.

Police Lieutenant General Amphon Buarabporn, Commander of the Phuket Police Region 8, said that the provincial police had reexamined the notifications and found no incident mentioned on the island, assuring that Phuket was always a safe place for people and tourists.

Later, Phang Nga police revealed that the incident actually took place at Na Tai beach, located about 800 meters from the Aleenta Hotel in the Khokkloi subdistrict of Takua Thung district last Saturday, February 5th, according to the police daily record.

She was reportedly attacked by an unidentified man with a punch to her left arm. He allegedly snatched her iPhone 12 Pro Max when she was falling after the attack before quickly running away.

Khokkloi investigators stated that the victim did not recognize any identifying details of the alleged attacker and did not wish to prosecute in any way. She, according to police, declined to provide further details and evidence to the officers as she was scheduled to return to Germany at midnight and did not want her name to appear in the media, according to the police. Therefore, Ms. Hummels assigned Thai interpreter Simon Regauer to talk to the officials on her behalf. According to Thai police, she only went public about the incident after leaving Thailand and refusing media involvement in the country.

One of the officers involved in her statement, who wasn’t named, stated: “The victim had to catch a flight to Dubai and had to leave the hotel at 10:00 PM. and arrive at the airport in advance at around 11:00 PM. But the investigation unit arrived at the scene for examination at 9:00 PM. which only gave an hour free for Ms. Hummels to join the investigation. She declined media and escalating the situation at this time. She also refused to go to a doctor for an examination due to the limited time.”

“The victim left Thailand on February 6th at 00:10 AM. to Dubai and had a flight back to Germany on February 16th, causing delays in contacting her for more information about the incident and details.” The anonymous officer stated.

As of Wednesday, February 9th, her attorney had submitted more details about the attack and the identification of the thief to the police. Khokkloi police officers said that they would continue the investigation to capture the suspect for legal proceedings.


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