Thailand’s Department of Health advises couples to conduct a Covid-19 test before “celebrating” Valentine’s Day

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Thailand’s Department of Health today, February 9th, advised any couples to conduct Covid-19 ATK (rapid antigen) tests before “celebrating” the season of love on Valentine’s Day.

Department Director-general Dr. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai said that February 14th is Valentine’s Day and that loving couples would come out to celebrate the day with many kinds of activities at popular tourist attractions, restaurants and ‘modified’ restaurants from entertainment venues. Drinking alcohol in qualified places is allowed but the Director-General warned the public to stay cautious and protect themselves at all times for the Covid-19 disease. He also hinted that, of course, many couples may want to get “intimate” on Valentine’s Day.

According to Dr. Suwanchai, couples are highly recommended to do an ATK test and prove to each other that they have negative results before meeting up and celebrating the day. Suwanchai also added that if couples are getting intimate, condoms should also be used.

Dr. Suwanchai said to the press: “Last year, there were only a few people who were vaccinated and we didn’t have ATK test kits, so we suggested the couples to be cautious and follow the preventive guidelines by wearing masks and not facing each other when doing sexual activities.”

“But this year, we changed because couples could keep themselves safe by building immunity. Therefore, they should be fully vaccinated or receive a booster dose according to the criteria. They should health screen themselves for any risks because even if they were vaccinated, it didn’t mean that they wouldn’t get infected.”

TPN media notes that the advice has already had a variety of responses on Thai social media, much of it critical or making light of the advice.


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