Thai government planning to adjust Covid-19 daily reports and focus on only serious hospitalizations and deaths vs. cases

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The Thai government is planning to adjust the daily reports of the Covid-19 infections as a test for two days a week to, according to them, reduce public anxiety as the rates of critical patients and deaths have become stable despite the number of daily infections that has surpassed ten thousand cases for four consecutive days.

The proposed change essentially means the reports will focus ONLY on hospitalizations with serious cases (pneumonia or ventilators, and deaths) vs focusing on cases. The test would begin for two days a week, with the intention to eventually completely focus on deaths and serious hospitalizations vs. cases.

TPN media notes, however, that there is no “specific date” on when this program/test will begin.

According to a Bangkokbiznews report, the number of daily infections has reached over ten thousand for the first time in three and a half months since October 18th, 2021, and has surpassed ten thousand for three consecutive days during the Omicron epidemic.

However, the number is not surprising for the Thai authorities. They also forecast that Bangkok and other provinces in the tourism pilot areas are likely to have an increasing number of infections, especially as tourism restrictions and restrictions possibly on nightlife ease. But, the trend of critical cases and deaths remains stable. Most of the infections are likely from markets and gathering activities of people eating and drinking as well as workplaces, establishments, factories, schools, and military camps. The vast majority of cases are asymptomatic or mild, according to the Ministry of Public Health, especially among vaccinated people.

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If considering patients with critical conditions/on ventilators and deaths, the numbers have significantly reduced compared to the wave in April of last year, according to the Ministry of Public Health. The mortality rate is now relatively stable. Although the vaccine is not 100 percent effective, Thailand’s death rate has reduced from 2 percent to about 0.22 percent, which goes with several academic research projects. Moreover, about 50,000 patients are under “medical care” currently but only – 500 of them have pneumonia and 100 are on ventilators, which is also less than 1 percent. Most of the 50,000 are in hospitels or home isolation.

Nowadays, most of the infected people are having mild symptoms or are asymptomatic because they have been vaccinated. Some people with symptoms have to undergo treatment but only for a few days before they can return home for domestic treatment. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Health plans to adjust the daily reports to suit the current stable situation of the Covid-19 Coronavirus in Thailand.

One thing that the Ministry has to do, according to them, is to create a public understanding that people can balance their lives and live with the disease safely. Although the government has eased some of the preventive measures to help facilitate their daily lives, people must continue to take care and protect themselves strictly according to public health measures and the Covid-19 alert level.


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