Animal Army Foundation gives update on rabies situation in Pattaya and Na Jomtien, needs YOUR help for upcoming vaccination and sterilization drive

The following are two alerts/updates from the Animal Army around a current rabies situation in the Banglamung/Sattahip area and how YOU can help stray animals! The writing and statements are their own. Cover photo credit Animal Army.

Pattaya Community Notice/Rabies update

In response to the current rabies outbreak (we covered this HERE and HERE) and red zone alerts, our medical experts requested official information regarding the number of cases recorded in the Pattaya City zone since October 2021. We were saddened to discover 15 confirmed cases and 1 result pending, from 04/10/2021 to now.
In the interest of community health and safety, we intend on publishing all locations and dates shortly. (TPN will also publish this when released.)
Our message to the community:
➡ Be alert but please do not panic. Many of our street friends are vaccinated healthy animals.
➡ Know the signs. Contact us with the location and video of any animal you believe could be symptomatic.
➡ Do not hurt any animal, under any circumstance. Cruelty is punishable by law. If you are bitten, go to a hospital immediately.
⚠️ IMPORTANTLY if wish to join your community to solve this issue, please donate for sterilization and vaccination. Our street friends have it hard enough, let’s work together to stop the spread.
🙏 Animal Army Foundation
Kasikorn Bank
ACC: 081-8-61790-9
💛 Thank you to supporters and the valued community who have already donated. Army Applause to DLD and Najomtien Municipality for offering assistance with our upcoming mass sterilization and vaccination project on 11/02/2022 in Najomtien (See below). It takes an Army!

Na Jomtien Community Notice

⚠️ RABIES: The Lake – Huay Yai, Bang Lamung
⚠️ RABIES: Suan Lalana Village, Pattaya City
In response to the rabies red zone alerts, the community in Najomtien, Sattahip has wasted no time to band together and action a plan to sterilize and vaccinate over 50 dogs in the zone. With the cooperation of the Department of Livestock Development and Najomtien Municipality, the Animal Army project will commence on 11/02/2022.
🎯 TARGET AREA: Soi 10 to Soi 18 (between Glass House and Ambassador) and the beach up to Sukhumvit.
The Najomtien Community Project Coordinator initiated the action and has raised 50,000฿ of the target. The group is short 10,000฿ to ensure 50 dogs are covered for:
✅ Darting & Return Transport
✅ Health Check
✅ Sterilization
✅ Ear Tattoo
✅ Vaccination
✅ Parasite Control
✅ 1-3 days Hospital Inpatient
✅ Medication
✅ Reflective Collars


Thanks to a huge number of generous donations, the target has been reached for this NaJomtien project! Wooohooo! Let’s keep going and expand the zone! The more donations, the more lives we can save!
Update post to come soon, with project details for 11/02/22. Thank you for your kindness, it takes an army!)
The current 14-day high-risk alert is from 28/01/2022 to 11/02/2022. Please report any animal displaying the following symptoms:
▪️ erratic behavior
▪️ excessive drooling
▪️ not eating
▪️ unusual air biting
▪️ disorientated staggering
🚑 Please help with a donation to reach the remaining 10,000฿ needed to commence the project on 11/02/2022
🙏 Animal Army Foundation
Kasikorn Bank
ACC: 081-8-61790-9
💛 Thank you to the Community Project Coordinator and residents of Golden Sands Condo. Thank you to all the individuals and businesses who have already donated “Army Applause” to DLD and Najomtien Municipality for cooperating with this important project. It takes an Army!


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