Chonburi, Songkhla, and Thai government take further actions to battle increasing pork prices

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The Songkhla Commerce Department today, January 21st, is filing a report to the Chana Police Station in Songkhla against a local storage warehouse for an alleged false report relating to pork quantity, violating the Product Price Act.

The Department, together with the Department of Internal Trade, the Provincial Livestock Development Department, and related agencies had inspected the cold-storage warehouse in the Chana district following reports that more than 200,000 kilograms of unverified pork was stored there.

The filing was made after a total of 201,600 kilograms of pork was discovered at the scene on Thursday, January 20th, as the quantity did not match the actual number as reported to the officials.

Additionally, the government’s central committee on goods and service prices had now required pig farms to keep 500 pigs and more, and of cold warehouses stocking five tonnes of pork and more to weekly report their current quantity, starting January 10th.

If they failed to accurately declare the number of pigs or pork, they could be facing a maximum jail sentence of one year and a maximum fine of 20,000 baht, according to the regulations. Those who were found hoarding pork may face up to seven years of imprisonment and a fine of up to 140,000 baht.

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Meanwhile, Chonburi Governor Phakthorn Thianchai today, January 21st, along with the Permanent Secretary of Chonburi, Provincial Commerce of Chonburi, Public relations, and officials from government agencies had visited pork slaughter stalls at local wet markets to inspect the pork price and potentially prevent pork hoarding in the area.

Initially, it was found that the price was actually higher and starting to affect both shops and customers. The Chonburi government had acknowledged the problem and urged the vendors to show the price clearly to prevent pork hoarding.

The governor also visited local pork shops that participated in the government’s commercial program to help freeze the pork price at 150 baht/kilograms. So far, there were six shops that had participated from January 19th to the 31st, 2022.

These actions have come as pork prices have risen in the past several weeks across Thailand, concerning both consumers and vendors and as the Thai government takes definitive action to stop further price hikes.

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PHOTO: Chonburi Pr


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