Chonburi releases new orders around Covid-19 measures and rules



A new Chonburi order has been released this morning around the new Covid19 measures first announced by the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) last week.

Here are the orders, which is all in alignment with previous announcements made by the CCSA:
-Only restaurants that have passed SHA plus OR Thai Stop Covid Plus 2 (health assessments/certifications) can sell alcohol in Chonburi as a blue zone.
-Alcohol must stop being served at restaurants and converted restaurants (see below) by 9 PM. This doesn’t mean the venue needs to close at this time, stop serving food, etc… their normal closing times as under previous orders apply. But no alcohol sales after 9.
-Government agencies and officials work from home until January 31st. The private sector is encouraged to work from home if possible.
-As stated last week bars, pubs, clubs, and entertainment venues are legally closed but may temporarily convert to a “restaurant” with permission from health officials and passing the certifications listed above and rules below until these venues are legally reopened.
-Employees of converted “restaurants” must still have a rapid antigen test kit daily. This includes musicians and performers. This is squarely aimed at venues mostly focused on alcohol.
-Customers visiting converted “restaurants” and venues that sell alcohol/alcohol focused must show proof of being negative for Covid-19 from a rapid antigen test within 72 hours. This can be on-site at a venue or official checkpoint located in some busier areas like Treetown or Walking Street. This doesn’t apply to restaurants that don’t sell alcohol which can operate normally. Again, this is squarely aimed at converted “restaurants”.
-Not in the order but worth mentioning is the head health officer of Chonburi has soured on home test kit results/photos/self-testing and is asking venues to cooperate with testing customers on-site or requesting patrons go to an official checkpoint or certified test location like a clinic with proper documentation. Positive tests should also be officially reported to the health department. This came from an interview with the press last night.
-If a venue cannot or does not want to comply with the rules, especially around the customer and employee antigen testing, they should shut until/if the rules are eased.
Order is now until further notice.
Questions? Call 1337, the city call center 24 hours a day.
For reference, the original order, in Thai, is below:
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