Rest in peace to Nong Fah Sai, Pattaya’s beloved injured baby elephant

PHOTO: 77kaoded/Amphon Sangkaew

Pattaya –

An injured wild baby elephant, shot multiple times by suspected illegal poachers in Chanthaburi and caught in a trap, who had won many readers’ hearts in Pattaya due to regular news coverage of her recovery at Nong Nooch Gardens in recent weeks, named Nong Fah Sai (Clear Sky in Thai), tragically passed away on December 30th after succumbing to complications from her previous injuries.

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Injured baby elephant, suffering from ten bullet wounds and being stuck in a trap, is now being treated in Pattaya

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The Director of the Si Racha Office of the Department of National Parks Wildlife and Plants Conservation Mr. Ruamsin Manajongprasert spoke with TPN media and stated, “Thursday night (December 30th) Nong Fah Sai sustained severe diarrhea and her health started to drop significantly in the late afternoon unexpectedly. She started drinking less milk and became very weak. We immediately called all our top veterinarians to help her at Nong Nooch Gardens.”

“We had only a few elephant‘s milk to feed her. We tried to find more elephant milk but it was still not enough. Elephant milk is better than powdered milk for an elephant of her age.” Ruamsin explained.

“We have tried to save her life as best as we can with top veterinarians from both Nong Nooch Garden (where she had been recovering) and from nearby areas but she was tragically finally pronounced dead. Her cause of death was identified as digestive system failure. We are all very sad here and work continues to find those who injured her in Chanthaburi.” Ruamsin concluded.

Rest in Peace to Nong Fah Sai from the TPN team.

PHOTO: 77kaoded/Amphon Sangkaew


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