Two local residents seriously injured in gas tank explosion in Ban Bueng warehouse

Ban Bueng –

Two local residents were seriously injured after an old gas tank exploded at a warehouse in the Ban Bueng district of Chonburi today, December 19th.

Officials from the Ban Bueng Police Station along with firefighters and rescue volunteers arrived at the gas tank warehouse after being alerted of the incident. Smoke from the explosion was seen floating from the scene. The injured men were found lying on the ground, having suffered from severe burns.

The initial examination revealed that the two were brothers, Somphon Kuakhamchard, 55, and Prapas Kuakhamchard, 50, who were hired to break down many 200-liter tanks for 10 baht each at the warehouse.

Witness Poramet Aimpia, 35, who rushed to provide first aid to the injured men told the police that he came to the scene after hearing the explosion and spotted the injured men crawling out of the fire, their clothes burning. He then took their burning clothes off and covered them with a blanket before they were delivered to Ban Bueng Hospital.

Nearby villagers said that the warehouse was collecting plastics, wastes, and antiquaries. The explosion may have happened when both men were using grinding stones and steel cutting tools to cut the tanks that still contained flammable substances, possibly causing compression and explosions.

The injured men were still being treated at a local hospital and would be interviewed by law enforcement under normal legal proceedings after their recovery.


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Nop Meechukhun
National News Writer at The Pattaya News from September 2020 to October, 2022. Born and raised in Bangkok, Nop enjoys telling stories of her hometown through her words and pictures. Her educational experience in the United States and her passion for journalism have shaped her genuine interests in society, politics, education, culture, and art.