Chateraise’s Christmas Cake imported from Japan, on promotion at Tasty Pattaya, Sri Racha now for booking!


Tasty Grill Bar&Café, minimart at Pattaya Pratumnak, and Sriracha have started to book Japanese 1st brand “Chateraise” Christmas cake, all imported from Japan!


Now, you can book and pay first for Chateraise’s Christmas cakes at Tasty, and can get Tasty Café’s free drink vouchers for coffee and soft drinks on purchases over 500THB!

*To book a cake, you need to pay first to book the Christmas cake, and you can receive a drink voucher after payment.

*Bookings can NOT change for any reason.

*At Tasty Pattaya, Christmas cake can book to receive only on the 24th of December 2021 afternoon at Tasty Pattaya Cafe

*At Tasty Sriracha, Christmas cakes can book to be received only from the 23rd to the 25th of December 2021 at Tasty Sriracha in “Harmoniq Residence”. You need to show your ID to enter Tasty Sriracha due to the Residence policy.


Chateraise’s Christmas Cakes 2021 at Tasty!


Please see Chateraise’s Christmas Cakes, all are imported from Japan!

Christmas Cake B 1500THB (18cm)


How to book and receive


At Tasty Pattaya(Pratumnak) <We speak English and Thai>

Call or visit the manager to book a Christmas cake and pay in advance.

You can receive it on the 24th of December 2021 afternoon at Tasty Pattaya Café



Or, please contact with your order and your name, phone number, e-mail to below, and follow to pay first to book.

After payment, your booking is confirmed and will be sent a booking slip.

Tasty Café and Minimart



Tel 0857417451


At Tasty Sriracha(HarmoniQ)< Thai language only>

Come to Tasty Sriracha in HarmoniQ Residence, you need to show your ID to enter here due to residence policies.

After entering the residence come to the Tasty Sriracha minimart at the lobby.
(Thai language only, there is no staff who can speak English)

You can book to receive from the 23rd to the 25th of December at Tasty Sriracha




Or, please contact here(Thai language only)

Tasty Café and minimart


Tell: 0930235149



About Tasty Grill bar&Café, minimart


 Tasty Minimart, Grill, Bar, and Cafe in Pattaya and Si Racha is ready for you this high season!

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