The top local stories in Pattaya and Chonburi from the past week: Suspect arrested for beating Russian tourist at Bali Hai, Alcohol ban finally lifted, and more…

Hello Pattaya News Readers and Supporters!

The following is our weekly feature in which we highlight the top local stories in our area, Pattaya and Chonburi, from the past week. The number of stories differs from week to week.

These are chosen and curated by our editorial team and are designed for our readers to get a quick “catch-up” of important stories they may have missed. We publish many stories daily and it is easy to lose track of important events or changes in our area. We do national recaps in a separate article, this is only the top local stories in our area and province.

They are in no particular order of importance but roughly in order of publishing. These are from Sunday, November 28th, 2021, to Saturday, December 4th, 2021.

Let’s get started and see what the top local stories were!

1. 25-year-old woman seriously injured after being stabbed by her ex-husband on her birthday

25-year-old woman seriously injured after allegedly being stabbed by ex-husband on her birthday in the Pattaya area

A very sad story that led to many comments on our social media platforms.

2.  Pattaya Mayor pushes ahead to end an eight-month-long alcohol ban in Pattaya at restaurants and hotels.

Victory was finally declared for many business owners over the unpopular ban, in place for eight months, when the alcohol ban was lifted on Friday last week, although pure bars, nightclubs, and similar venues must stay closed for now.

Pattaya City Mayor pushing to allow alcohol sales in restaurants and to reopen entertainment venues as a test zone in Pattaya after Fireworks Festival was a success

3.  Female Russian tourist injured after being attacked by Thai man in broad daylight robbery at Bali Hai Pier

Luckily, the suspect was captured and admitted to the crime, although it drove heavy discussion on social media and was shocking to many as it took place in the middle of the day as the female tourist took pictures at the lighthouse near Bali Hai Pier.

Female Russian tourist seriously injured after being attacked and robbed at Bali Hai Pier in broad daylight, suspect arrested

4.  Chonburi governor releases new orders easing some restrictions

This one did not include the alcohol ban being lifted in Pattaya and a few other areas, which came on Friday night.

Chonburi Governor releases new orders easing Covid-19 restrictions effective from today, alcohol sales ban at restaurants, etc. stays however

5.  The alcohol ban is finally lifted in Pattaya after weeks of protests and discussions between business leaders and politicians

The lifting of the order came after the largest protest yet on Walking Street, although it was unclear if the two events were directly related. Cheers!

Business operators rejoice after alcohol sales and drinks are allowed in qualified restaurants in Pattaya, what is the next step?

Pattaya and other Chonburi ‘Blue Zones’ officially allowed to sell alcohol in restaurants

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