Reader mailbag: What about condo staff and Covid-19 vaccines/SHA requirements?

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I have a suggestion for a topic no one talks about during the pandemic:
Every authority tells unvaccinated people to get their jabs, and staff working at so-called SHA-hotels and SHA (Safety and Health Administration) restaurants must be fully vaccinated. BUT, one category has never been mentioned in any newspaper or news website.
This category is staff working in condominiums all over the country of Thailand. Owners and tenants have had the opportunity to get free Pfizer jabs (or other vaccines) and some are still waiting for their Moderna-jabs. Some got vaccinated for free in Bangkok. Returning foreigners have to be fully vaccinated (Editor’s note-Unvaccinated people CAN return, however must do at least a ten-day hotel quarantine.) and have also been tested on arrival. Many are staying in condos where the staff hasn’t even gotten the first jab for some strange reasons.
This is something you should write about. Why hasn’t any authority demanded that this category should be fully vaccinated?

TPN’s take:

The author brings a valid point. In terms of mandates in Thailand for staff, in theory, they aren’t “required” but as hospitality/customer-facing venues cannot get SHA certification without most of the staff vaccinated, this essentially becomes a “mandate” for these venues, which are mostly hospitality and retail.  So far, Thailand has used “soft” mandates like this versus “hard” mandates which put most of the pressure on businesses, not the government. However, to the author’s point, condos (for the most part, as condotels are listed and serviced apartments but not long-stay places) aren’t included in the SHA requirement or pushed to be even if they “can” register. Should they be? What are your thoughts? For those who live in condos, what do you personally think? Keep in mind, we aren’t talking about serviced or executive apartments/versions of hotels, but regular condominiums meant for long-term residents, as the former category is in SHA.
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