The top local stories in Pattaya and Chonburi from the past week: The Aquatique, Pleas to lift alcohol sales ban continue, Pattaya rounds-up suspected prostitutes, and more

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Hello Pattaya News Readers and Supporters!

The following is our weekly feature in which we highlight the top local stories in our area, Pattaya and Chonburi, from the past week. The number of stories differs from week to week.

These are chosen and curated by our editorial team and are designed for our readers to get a quick “catch-up” of important stories they may have missed. We publish many stories daily and it is easy to lose track of important events or changes in our area. We do national recaps in a separate article, this is only the top local stories in our area and province.

They are in no particular order of importance but roughly in order of publishing. These are from Sunday, November 21st, 2021, to Saturday, November 27th, 2021. 

Let’s get started and see what the top local stories were!

1.  Pattaya Walking Street business owners request lifting of alcohol ban, allowing venues to open

A continuing alcohol ban in Pattaya has led to weeks of pleas, petitions, and protests from business owners to be given an exemption for the tourism-reliant city, similar to Phuket or Bangkok, but so far the ban remains. You can read more below.

Pattaya Walking Street business owners hold meeting, officially request an opening plan before New Year’s Eve

2.  Pattaya Mayor says he is pushing to allow alcohol sales in restaurants, lift the ban keeping bars and nightlife closed

Similar to number one, the Mayor has stated he “fully supports” reopening the hundreds of closed businesses in the city and bringing back the famous neon lights of Pattaya, however, the decision involves more agencies and individuals than just the mayor.

Pattaya City Mayor says he is pushing to allow alcohol sales in restaurants and for entertainment venues and bars to reopen before New Year’s Eve

3.  Pattaya police “crackdown” on suspected prostitutes in Pattaya

By far, one of our most commented-on articles of the week on social media. TPN media notes that this was prior to the major fireworks festival last week and similar crackdowns have happened often before festivals like this, even well before the pandemic.

Pattaya Police to crackdown on suspected prostitutes on Pattaya beach

4.  An update on the Aquatique mega-project planned for Pattaya

We have covered this in prior years, here is an update.

Aquatique District Pattaya mega project is planned to be developed on Pattaya Beach

5. Accident kills two, leaves young girl seriously injured in Pattaya

We don’t often highlight accidents on our weekly recap but this particular one was tragic and drew a lot of comments on social media.

Two people die, young girl seriously injured after a pickup truck driver collides with a motorbike in the Pattaya area

That is all for this week! Stay safe and take care of yourselves!

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