Social independent group, led by Thai Onlyfans star “Khai-Nao”, submits petition to legalize pornography in Thailand.

PHOTO: Naewna

Bangkok –

A social independent group “Charoen Porn”, led by Thai Onlyfans star “Khai-Nao” and pro-democracy supporter Tanat “Looknut” Thanakitamnuay has officially submitted a petition to the House of Representatives to amend laws and legalize pornography in Thailand.

The petition, with about 20 signatures of prominent petitioners, was handed over to Dr. Sukit Atthopakon, Advisor to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, proposing a draft Act on the Criminal Code amendment relating to pornography and obscenity.

Group representative Attaphol Khaithong stated that the group is demanding the amendment of Section 287 of the Pornography Act in order for Thai society to distinguish between morality and obscene art forms.

“Entertainment media and sexual media should now be clearly separated for specific purposes and groups of consumers. But currently, the law is there to oppress the obscene media, claiming that it was against the law and Thai morality,” he added.

PHOTO: Naewna

Tanat or Looknut stated that due to what he called an obsolete and archaic law essentially banning all pornography, Thai people are prohibited from creating adult images and videos on internally recognized legal adult platforms that can earn a pleasurable amount of money for their living, especially during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

“We (the petitioners) mutually agree that adult films, or simply known as porn, do not hurt anyone as long as the producers are regulated under the amended law. But something like child porn or pornography with violent content should continue to be illegal. But pornography that contains beautiful and entertaining elements should be legalized as a part of freedom of expression. No adult should be inferior or limited in expressing such things,” Tanat said.

The advisor to the speaker of the House of Representatives speaker then received the demand and stated to the press that officials would check the statement in the petition under constitutional correctness. The final process will be notified to the petitioners in order to complete a list of 10,000 names from the public before proposing the law amendment in the parliament.


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