Thailand’s Constitutional Court website reportedly hacked, public opinions divided after yesterday’s court ruling involving pro-democracy protest leaders

Bangkok –

The website of Thailand’s Constitutional Court was reportedly hacked today, November 11th, featuring a new site named “Kangaroo Court” and a music video with DeathGrip’s “Guillotine”.

Local media reported that the court’s website,, has shown a Youtube music video of  “Guillotine (It goes Yah)” by an American hip hop group called Death Grips instead of displaying the website and court information.

The website name as shown on the browser was also changed from “The Constitutional Court” to “Kangaroo Court”. However, TPN Media noted that the website has been down since this afternoon and is still unreachable as of 3:00 PM.

The incident followed yesterday’s court ruling against three prominent pro-democracy protest leaders, stating their speeches and political demands of lésé masjéste abolishment could lead to overthrowing Thailand’s highest institution.

PHOTO: Prachatai

The public opinion had split opinions about the verdict. Several prominent pro-democracy groups mutually declared in a written statement that they disagreed with the Court’s final rule, reasoning that reformation does not equal the overthrow or abolishment of the monarchy.

The core demand of the protest leaders only aims for the institution to exist in the Thai society with dignity and equality under the Constitution and never intends to defame or demolish the institution in any way possible, according to their statement.

On the contrary, the pro-institutional “Thai Pakdee” group stated during their press conference that the party has thoroughly agreed with the court’s decision and warned of the future of the pro-democracy movement as they could possibly face harsh legal charges for violating the Constitution

“The exercise of freedom of expression must take equality and fraternity into account. The behavior of the pro-democracy group is, therefore, considered to be undermining the rule. From now on, whoever publishes or tells false information with an intention to provoke the political or social stability must be aware that such action is now against the constitutional law,” party spokesperson Wilasinee Waewkoom stated.


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