Thailand will experience colder weather with 3-7 °C drop next week, according to Thai Meteorological Department

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The Thai Meteorological Department released an announcement today, November 5th, that Thailand will experience colder conditions, particularly in the North and the Northeastern area, between November 7th and the 13th.

According to the announcement, another strong high-pressure area from China will extend to cover upper Thailand and the South China Sea, resulting in thundershowers with wind in the first period. Then, about a 3-7 °C drop in temperature is forecast over the Northeast and a 3-5 °C drop is forecast for the North, the Central, and the Eastern provinces as well as Bangkok and the vicinity.

People in the upper country should take care of their health due to the variable weather, according to the notice.

Meanwhile, a northeast monsoon that prevails over the Gulf of Thailand and the South will strengthen, resulting in more rain and isolated heavy to very heavy rain in the South.

The wind and waves in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea will also strengthen. Wave height in the Gulf of Thailand could reach 2-3 meters and possibly above 3 meters during thundershowers while about 1-2 meters are expected in the Andaman Sea.

People in the South should beware of heavy rain and its accumulation that may cause flash floods and overflows. Residents living along the Gulf should watch for an inshore surge. All ships should proceed with caution and small boats in the Gulf are advised to keep ashore.


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