Pattaya’s own rockers Landing Lights launch new single, A Cut Above

Pattaya Thailand - 26 July 2019 Beautiful landscape and cityscape of pattaya city in Thailand

Pattaya, 5 November 2021 

Local Pattaya rock band Landing Lights announces their latest release, Cut.  Written and recorded in Pattaya, Cut was mixed/mastered at world-renowned Abbey Road Studios in London. 

Landing Lights is a rock quartet hailing from Pattaya. In August, this year, they released their eponymous EP on all major streaming platforms. The lead single, Hot Blood, has been featured in music blogs such as Last Day Deaf, Indie Criollo, and Rock Era Magazine. Since its release, Hot Blood alone has had more than 6500 streams on Spotify. 

The band has used their time in lockdown to work on their first album, Transit Lounge, due for release in mid-2022. Cut is the first single from Transit Lounge.

Landing Lights aspires to high-quality production and has been working closely with world-famous Abbey Road Studios to hone their sound. 

In a land renowned for its rich traditions in dontri Thai doem, phlaeng luk thing, and the eclectic blend of morlam and  Western pop, Landing Lights is determined to take its place alongside other superb, local indie acts. 

Cut was released on 5 November 2021. 

Landing Lights consists of Dirk Bovee (vocals, guitars), Richard Burkhill (keys), Mario Ortiz Casado (bass), and Craig  Donaldson (drums). 


The power of this composition moves us between the monochrome drama of its video clip and the rock strength of its members, who come together in a powerful composition of rock fury… – praise for Hot Blood, Indie Criollo. 

Cut is a song about the consequences of allowing yourself to be who you truly are… – Dirk Bovee (lead vocals, guitars) on the latest release Cut. 

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