Royal Thai Police states evidence to legally convict “Chief Joe” in the case of an alleged suffocation of a drug suspect is strong and expansive

Bangkok –

The Royal Thai Police reassured the public this week that all files and evidence to legally prosecute Chief Joe and his subordinates are strong and sufficient.

Police Major General Jiraphob Puridet of the CSD revealed the progress of the investigation of “Chief Joe” and his subordinates who reportedly suffocated a drug suspect to death in August after an hour-long meeting yesterday, November 3rd.

Major General Jiraphob stated that all files of the case and evidence have been collected and concluded and will be delivered to the officials from the Office of the Attorney General. Evidence and reports of Chief Joe and his officers were complete and sufficient to prosecute with legal procedures.

The police believed that Joe and the other six officers involved would be prosecuted mainly under 4 charges, 1.) being officials who wrongfully exercise their functions to the injury of any person (Section 157); 2.) being officials who jointly allude to the power of a secret society or criminal association (Section 309); 3.) jointly killing other by torturing and other cruel means (Section 289); 4.) jointly with more than five people threatening others by abusing force (Section 172).

Regarding the superintendent’s unusual luxurious belongings of land and hundreds of supercars, the CSD chief stated that the investigation has progressed reasonably. 410 cars were confiscated. Of which, 270 were reportedly imported from neighboring countries and 56 were imported from European countries. The rest are still under investigation.

If other people, celebrities, or government officials were found to be allegedly involved in the conspiracy, the Royal Thai Police would proceed forward with the investigation which would, according to police, take place justly.

Prayut Petchkun, a Deputy Spokesperson of the Office of the Attorney General, who received the case files, further stated that there were 14 days left to the next court hearing. According to the time frame, the order will be issued by November 17th.

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