Only six international travelers found with Covid-19 infections so far since the reopening, CAAT to issue more preventive announcements

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Only six Covid-19 infections out of 4,510 tourists, a low 0.13 percent, were found in the past three days since the launch of the country reopening, Thailand’s Public Health Ministry reported today, November 3rd.

Dr. Sumanee Watcharasin, Director of Risk Communication and Health Behavior Development Bureau of the Ministry of Public Health, revealed to the Associated Press that a total of 4,510 people have entered the country on international flights since November 1st. TPN media notes that different Thai officials have given different numbers in terms of arrivals of international foreign tourists, as well as different departments, over the past few days but this appears to be the most realistic estimate so far.

Most arrivals are from Japan at number one, followed by Singapore, Germany, Qatar, and China respectively. Only six passengers were found infected with the Covid-19 Coronavirus, or 0.13 percent of arrivals.

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) is planning to issue announcements for all arrivals and departures not to wear facial masks with exhalation valves while onboard and entering the airports to prevent the spread of the disease.

The restriction would be issued in accordance with the recommendation of The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as the exhalation valves would allow the unfiltered breath to escape the mask.

Surgical masks are highly recommended throughout the journey. Cloth masks are still acceptable for now but the CAAT will soon announce its prohibition as well due to a lack of confidence in the standards for preventing the disease.


“The valve will only do its job when a wearer is breathing in but not during the exhalation. So, if the wearer is infected, there may be a risk of spreading the virus to nearby people when exhaling,” the officials said.

Local media also reported that the CAAT would also consider issuing additional announcements regarding the food served on flights that only sealed and reheated food is allowed. Serving cold food and ice is still strongly prohibited.


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Nop Meechukhun
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