Pattaya Dolphins United get a brand new coach as they continue a winning season

Pattaya, Thailand-

 The Pattaya Dolphins United, who are currently at the top of Thai League 3 and face True Bangkok United in the Chang FA Cup round of 32 on November 24th in Bangkok, have a brand new coach to help them continue their winning ways.

The Dolphins officially welcomed Coach Toi Sirisak Yodyatthai yesterday, November 1st, 2021.

Coach Toi had the following to say:

“I want to thank the Pattaya Dolphins United club for this opportunity and I will do my best to make the club more successful in the future and continue their current success.”

  “Football is driven on results, but players are at the heart of this. I want to develop quality young athletes and raise them to be successful to sustain the team for long-term success.”

  “The President of the club and myself see eye to eye on the development of young players and making the Dolphins successful for a long time to come”

The Club President, Chokchai Tespan, also spoke to the press yesterday:

  “I want to thank Coach Toi for joining us and am confident in his ability to lead the team to long-term success. I am pleased with the success of the team so far this season, however, I made some changes that I felt were best for the long-term.”

  “I agree with Coach Toi on the development of youth and building a core base of players that fans can be proud to support and will drive the future success of the Dolphins.”

  “I ask for the fans to welcome Coach Toi warmly and give him support as he leads the Pattaya Dolphins United forward on what is currently a top of Thai League 3 season.”

  “In addition to Coach Toi, we also have Worawut Wangsawat as an assistant coach, who is also talented and has completed various certifications essential to the role.”

  “Coach Toi brings a wealth of experience to the Dolphins, having worked as an assistant coach with the Thai national team previously as well as numerous other roles that fully qualify him for this position. Welcome to the team.”

The Dolphins recently signed a memorandum of understanding with their fans and have stated they will not change the logo or branding and plan to keep the team in Pattaya while driving future success and a positive reputation for Pattaya as a leading sports tourism city.

Chokchai, known as “Sia Chok” became the owner of the Dolphins in May of this year and has already made numerous changes that, so far, are pleasing fans due to the team’s current success.

You can see their current ranking and game scores (In Thai) here.

Photo credit: Pattaya Dolphins United

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