Thailand’s Medical Association strongly opposes DES Minister’s idea to legalize e-cigarettes

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The Medical Association of Thailand today, October 6th, has submitted an opposition letter to the Thai Prime Minister regarding the Digital Economy and Society (DES) Minister’s statement yesterday of planning to legalize e-cigarettes in Thailand.

Dr. Amorn Leelarasamee, as the President of the Medical Association of Thailand, along with representatives from the Medical Royal Colleges, the National Alliance for Tabacco Free Thailand, and Thai Health Professionals Alliance Against Tobacco, has delivered an open letter to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O’Cha to oppose DES Minister Chaiwut Thanakhamanusorn’s proposal of the legalization of electronic cigarettes.

The response followed yesterday’s public statement by Chaiwut himself that he wanted to make e-cigarettes and vaping legal as he believed it could reduce the health risk among smokers.

Dr. Amorn told the Associated Press that the e-cigarette was originally produced to replace the traditional cigarettes’ market. Several international pieces of research have also mutually proved that e-cigs are clearly damaging individual health.

The specialist said: “E-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance that is very difficult to quit. It could also cause inflammation and narrowing of the blood vessels in the circulatory system as well as various chronic diseases in the long run.

“The liquid also consisted of the scent of flower and fruit extracts, making pleasant smells and tastes and popular among the young people. However, a combustion process within the heating coil would cause harmful carcinogens in your body.”

Regarding Minister Chiwut’s statement saying that 67 countries have allowed the legal sale of e-cigarettes, Dr. Pramuk Mutirangkun from the Royal College of Surgeons added that those countries have their limitations for vaping and did not sell independently.

“Additionally, there are many more countries that ban selling and vaping as their government has prioritized people’s health. The Medical Association and its associations, therefore, strongly oppose the DES consideration of the legalization and the import and sale of electronic cigarettes in Thailand and would like to call for an anti-smoking and anti-e-cigarette campaign for Thai people’s health.”


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